Monday 5 September 2022



 Unique growth promoter formula
  to achieve the best growth rate, activity
  .and healthy condition for the birds 


Acid protease,phytase,lipase,xylanase
,lysozyme, cellulase,amylases,
 alpha glucosidase-beta.glucosidase&probiotics


Improve animal performance by increasing digestability -
 and nutritive value of raw materials including   
  energy and amino acids   
Improves feed digestion and nutrient absorption- 
  in highly fibrous raw materials   
Trials show that it improves flock uniformity-
.Leads to less sticky droppings -
 Improved litter quality, reduce ammonia build up in sheds-
 better hyginic conditions and fewer dirty eggs,
 all of this contributing to better control of salmonella 
Helps to achieve more stable and healthy intestinal ecosystem-
Reduces nutrient wastage,reduces nitrogen excretion.
Produce a variety of nutrients such as vitamins,amino  
. acids,organic acids,and promoting growth factors

0,5-1ML/Liter water
     for 12 hours daily
for 3-5 days

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