Saturday 23 February 2019


Veterinary Manufacturer

Pharma Tonics is a Veterinary Manufacturer based in Egypt. Pharma Tonics has 3 production lines, namely: premixes line, an oral liquids line and a water soluble powders line. To produce high quality products, all our production lines have to meet the latest GMP and GMP+ guidelines.

The production process begins with the collection of the suitable raw materials. When new raw materials arrived, they are firstly placed in quarantine until they are analysed and cleared for release. This is always carried out by an expert person. Then the raw materials are mixed in a mixer. When the mixture is ready, it is filled into jars, sachets or bottles. Pharma Tonics has lines for premixes, oral liquids and water-soluble powders in order to meet customers' demands for different dosage forms.

After a product has been filled, the jars and bottles are labelled. Pharma Tonics uses a number of different labels for each product. The choice of label depends on the agents. Before the products are delivered to the customers, they are analysed once again for each bottle.
All our products are stored in our warehouse while they await delivered. Our logistics department coordinates closely with distributors abroad to ensure that each delivery arrives safely at its destination at the accurate time.


Quality is our highest priority at Pharma Tonics; we only want to offer to our customers the best. That is why we at Pharma Tonics operate under restricted GMP and GMP+ guidelines. By operating according to GMP guidelines, we can guarantee the quality and safety of all our products. Factory operations are carried out according to strict health and safety requirements, and regular analyses and controls are performed to safeguard the quality of raw materials and finished products. This means that the end user is always assured of high-quality products. 

Our QA department monitors the quality of our raw materials, finished products and production processes. Internal and external checks are always conducted by a qualified person; this means that we do not only check our own factory, we also regularly inspect our suppliers in different regions around the world.

Pharma Tonics has its own laboratory, where raw materials and finished products are analysed. Before raw materials can be used in the production process, they must first be quarantined. Raw materials may only be released after they have been analysed and approved. The same method is used in the analysis of the final product; it can only be shipped after being first analysed then released. This means that Pharma Tonics can guarantee the quality and reliability of every product.