Tuesday 26 March 2019

Co-Zuril 2%

Co- Zuril

Co-zuril : The best choice and strongest-
Anticocidial drug in all kinds of poultry, rabbits and lambs  
Co-zuril : High prevention and control efficacy-
against all types of high resistant emeria  
Co-zuril : Is indicated for treatment-
of coccidiosis caused by E-Tenella, E.Necatrix,  
E.Acervulino, E.Maxima, E.brunette, E.mivati, E.Mitis and in   
Turkeys caused y E.Adenides and E.Melegrimitis   

Diclazuril..... 2%
Vit k3.......... 2%

-:Administration & Dosage
 0.5ml / liter drinking water for 3-4 days
1ml / liter drinking water 8-12 hours for 3-4 days


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