Wednesday 31 July 2019

C-Vital 50%

C vital 50%

Major antioxidant to neutralize free radicals-
Vitamin C enhances tissue healing and growth-
Vitamin C improve immune function-
   and act as anti inflammatory agent
Agreat role for synthesis of collagen and repair of joints-
 Increase resistance to higher  enviromental tempreture-
 Improve the activity of thyroid gland-
 Improve the appetite and secretion-
   activity of the digestive tract and animal growth
 Improve fragility of blood vessels-
Prevent overheating of the body during hot weather and-
   insufficient capacity of the ventilation system or during
Improve egg production under stress condition-

Vitamin C ...... 50%
(Ascorbic Acid

-:Administration & Dosage
1g   / 2 litre  water
   0.5g  / 1 kg feed 


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